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At Christmas, the characteristic Piazza delle Conserve hosts a nativity scene with life-size statues, crafted by local artists and arranged in the historic Conserva, which is the perfect cave for hosting the birth of the Child, the donkey and the ox.
The effect is like being inside a living nativity scene. And if you walk all over the square, you will certainly meet the shepherds, and a camel!

The Christmas atmosphere and the lights illuminate the historic Conserva and every corner of the square that reminds to the history of Cesenatico: here in fact the sailors, thanks to an ancient technique, preserved the fish, the result of their work .

The Nativity scene was designed in 1994. Today it is cared by the Proloco del Monte. Its lights, together with all the lights of Cesenatico, will turn on from Sunday the 5th December until Sunday the 16th January.

Two days before Christmas in Piazza delle Conserve

From 23rd December until Epiphany, the Christmas log is lit from 10 pm: a ritual handed down in the neighborhood accompanied by music and tastings. A brazier that burns in the night and is constantly monitored so that its flame does not go out.

Visit this wonderful square, a place of events, initiatives and demonstrations throughout the year, which becomes even more beautiful at Christmas.

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