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To touch the soul of a city, one has to explore it, live it.. But if you’re running short on time, you got to pick up the pace  and organize a well-thought tour.
What are the possibilities if you only have 12 hours to visit Cesenatico? Here’s a quick guide for everyone who wants to live the city but is on a strict schedule.

It all begins early in the morning with concert’s at dawn, where every note played echoes on the rising sun.  This is the perfect time to enjoy a freshly made “bombolone” in  local pastries or beach clubs.

Once the gig is finished, you have a few possibilities: you can either  rent a beach umbrella on the seashore and get a tan line while reading your favourite book, or put on your most comfortable sneakers and have a walk around the landmarks that made the city of Cesenatico famous:  from Piazza delle Conserve, where a fruit and vegetable market is held daily, to the Museo della Marineria, which hosts the stunning lugsails visible in the Porto Canale . Moreover, for literature enthusiasts, we recommend a visit to Marino Moretti’s home, one of the most influential figures in the fiction field.

For sports lover, you can get around the streets by renting a tandem, if you want even a carriage, but the best option is going to always be a bycicle, so much loved that it became a symbol of Cesenatico. The city is now also the european capital of the Gran Fondo Nove Colli event.

The evening can be spent at the famous pier made by Leonardo Da Vinci, where you can greet the fishermen’s boats coming back while enjoying an aperitif, or snack with a freshly cooked “piadina romagnola”. Then, after some shopping in the various boutiques along the seaside, why don’t just eat a refreshing ice cream and get some rest  in one of the many parks present in Cesenatico?

When the night comes, hop on the panoramic wheel to admire the view and take a selfie, and right after, let yourself be transported by the delicious cuisine that only Cesenatico can offer.  All the restaurants stock up everyday with what the sea offers , so that you will only find fresh and local products. Every place will make you live a unique sensory experience, and you’ll never forget the flavors of our land.

The article was made for Vivere Cesenatico, by Living Cesenatico in collaboration with Visit Cesenatico.

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