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Restaurants in Cesenatico

Where to eat in Cesenatico

If you are looking for a place to eat really well, Cesenatico and its restaurants are the gourmet destination not to be missed. Here fish is not just an ingredient, but a delicacy to be chosen, enhanced and treated with care and experience to preserve and release the flavours of our sea in our street food and gourmet dishes alike.

When seated at the table, a marine atmosphere envelops diners, with the sound of waves crashing on the rocks and sails waving along the canal, Cesenatico offers a gastronomic experience to savour the maritime culture with all the senses.


Restaurants in Cesenatico

Cesenatico is a town with a centuries-old seafaring tradition, where fresh fish has become the undisputed king of the table. That’s why, from the Porto Canale to the suburbs, there are plenty of fish restaurants but also farmhouses, pizzerias, Romagna restaurants and much more.