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Cesenatico, a seaside city, is known for it’s beaches and it’s particular maritime sights. The authentic Romagna’s character, welcoming and lively, makes this city very versatile, full of traditions and culture, mostly related to gastronomy. Thanks it’s long history of fishing and culinary art, you will be able to taste many particular and also nutritious dishes, since they belong to the Mediterranean diet.
We suggest you to try the traditional “aperitivo” (happy hour), a special moment that will immerse yourself into the nightlife of our city.

Cesenatico offers diverse and suggestive location, where you can enjoy a delicious and traditional aperitivo. Let’s see which are the most unique places!

On the beach
The sea and the beaches are the main things that comes to mind when we think about a holiday in the Riviera. Imagine it: your feet on the shoreline, the starry night above you and the horizon in front of you, making your aperitivo special and romantic. Many seaside resorts offer this wonderful option.

On the dock
The sounds of the waves that gently breaks on the dock, the seagulls that fly over the fishing huts and the color of the sunset, this idyllic scene is perfect for a cocktail a flavorful refreshment before dinner. You just have to dive in the little streets by the dock and choose a bar that inspires you.

On the Canal Harbor and the city center
Between the colorful homes and the docked boats in the canal on the two sides of the port, you can choose one of our bars and restaurants that face the banks or keep wondering around the city center until you arrive at Piaza Fiorentini, where you can find a liberty style Vecchia Percheria (the fish market), surrounded by many bars for your aperitivo.

You can choose a different place every night and each bar and restaurant has a rich menu that will suit everyone: buffet, finger-food or assorted boards with Romagna’s cheese and cured meet, with a glass of wine or a cocktail.

The right ingredients are: good food and wine, beautiful music and the perfect location. And Cesenatico has it all!

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