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visit cesenatico spiaggia delle tamerici

May 2012: the “ Green Beach ” was born in Valverde di Cesenatico, first example in Italy of re-naturalized beach, an oasis of well-being where shade, cool, nature and oxygen blend with the sea scents.

The intervention was conceived thinking in a new way to live the beach with low environmental and anthropic impact . The entire project is characterized by the use of simple and environmentally friendly materials among which stands out above all the tamarisk as a hedge and tree (in the area there are 35).
The tree, which was given the shape of the classic beach umbrella, has an important role in the creation of this green oasis, located on the beach with the jar completely underground and is equipped with steel frame on which the foliage will develop; this structure, once the foliage formed, will be removed leaving the tamarisk free to grow providing areas of shade under it. This is a very common essence in some areas of the Mediterranean and is therefore very suitable for the marine environment. Each year the foliage will increase creating a wonderful natural effect. The hedge is also in tamarisk to ensure visual continuity to the whole project.

Moreover, the area has the essential services for a better enjoyment of the beach, such as dressing cabins, showers, bike storage. Dressing cabins and all service facilities are made of chestnut stakes deprived of their bark with waterproof cover. The warm water of the showers will be provided by 15-cm underground pipes so as to exploit soil overheating.
Another important choice is the use of Ripietra for the walkways, the first stone made up entirely of recycled material. The 55% of its composition is derived from plastic of the urban separate waste collection, while the remaining 45% is from scrap wood of the industrial processing.

Urban ecological points for the collection of waste will also be present in the area.

The " Tamarisk Beach " will be however a free beach, therefore access is absolutely free to the public, as well as the fruition of all the available services.






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