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Safe holidays in Cesenatico

Welcome! If you are here it is because you want to plan a holiday in Cesenatico and we are happy to welcome you and offer you a safe experience.

The health emergency has led to changes in the way tourist sites and services are used.
Here you can find all the updates on safety regulations, travel tips and frequently asked questions.

What is the situation in Cesenatico?

The Emilia-Romagna region, including the city of Cesenatico, is currently in the white zone according to the regulations set out in the Ordinanza of Health Ministry of 11th June 2021 and in the Decreto Legge of 18th May 2021 which updates the measures in force on the national territory: from 14th June to 31st July 2021 the rules already defined in the DPCM of 2 March 2021 apply as integrated by the Legislative Decree.
The situation in the region is being constantly monitored and the Emilia-Romagna health system is among the most efficient in the world. Cesenatico offers tourists and travellers, whom we regard as temporary citizens, the same opportunities for assistance as any other citizen.

From the 6 of August, in all Italian territory, to be able to access to any kind of INDOOR restaurant service at the table performed by any entity, shows, events and sport competitions, museums, exhibits, institutions and cultural sites, pools, gyms, spas, fairs, festivals, meetings and conferences, wellness centers, theme and amusement parks, cultural and leisure centers, gambling\betting halls and casinos, you have to present the COVID-19 Green Certificate, needed also to participate at parties for religious or civil ceremonies, to access to residential care homes and other amenities, to enter\exit territories classified as “red” zones and “orange” zones.
This laws do not apply to children under the age of 12, to whom is not able to receive the vaccine and to whom is exempt on the basis of appropriate medical certification according to the criteria defined by the decree of the Ministry of Health.

Can I come on holiday to Cesenatico?

According to the latest regulations, in areas identified as ‘white zones’, such as Emilia-Romagna, movements between municipalities and regions are allowed if they are in the white and yellow zone, whereas for regions located in the orange or red zones, movements are allowed for health, work or necessity reasons, otherwise they require the green certification. If you are in Cesenatico, you can stay and use all the services of the town in compliance with the regulations in force.

Can I visit sights, museums and attractions?

Our museums and places of culture, including exhibitions, are open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays until 25/06 and daily from 26/06 with limited use. It is advisable to book online or by telephone at least one day in advance. The shows can be held with pre-assigned seating and respecting the personal distance of at least one meter. For updated information contact the manager of each place.

Can I go to a restaurant?

The restaurants and bars are open to the public both for lunch and dinner: in the white zone, the activities of the catering services, carried out by any establishment, are allowed, even indoors, without opening hours limits. In restaurants, there is no limit to the number of people per table outdoors, while indoors, until 21st June, the maximum number of people per table is 6.
This limit may be exceeded in the case of people who live together.
From the 6 of August, to access to any type of of restaurant service at the table INDOORS you must have the COVID-19 Green Certificate.

I am a client of a hotel, can I have access to the restaurant service reserved at the clients, even though I do not have a COVID-19 Green Certificate ?
Yes, the client of a hotel can have access to the restaurant service offered by their structure, if those service are exclusively for their clients, even in case of table service in an indoor space, without the need to show the COVID-19 Green Certificate.
To have access to the hotel’s indoor pools, wellness center, gyms, to take part in team sports and sanatoriums, will be needed the COVID-19 Green Certificate, because the art. 9-bis of the decree N. 52 of 2021 says that the obligation extends “also inside of receptive facilities”.
In the case when the restaurant service of the receptive structure are open also to client that do not stay at the hotel, the access will be reserved only to who has the COVID-19 Green Certificate (both for hotel’s clients and outside clients) in case of table service indoors.

How can I get around the city?

Cesenatico is served by the Start Romagna public transport service. Bus transport is always available, each vehicle is sanitised and distances are guaranteed. Updated info on the Start Romagna website.
For walking, cycling and driving, the regulations for the white zone remain valid.


What should I do if I have symptoms related to Covid-19?

If you experience flu-like symptoms before you leave, cancel your trip and contact your primary care physician. If, on the other hand, you experience symptoms during your stay in Cesenatico, do not go to the First Intervention Point, but contact the 118 or the Regional Health Service toll-free number 800 033 033 or the number 1500 of the Ministry of Health.


What are the rules for entering and leaving Italy?

It is recommended to visit the websites Safe Travel Farnesina and Ministry of Health section Covid 19- Travelers.

The ordinance into force provides the entry from the countries of the European Union and the Schengen area, as well as from Great Britain and Israel, with negative swab and without quarantine. It remains the obligation to show on arrival a molecular or antigenic swab with negative results, carried out within 48 hours before arrival in Italy. By the same ordinance, the restrictive measures against Brazil are extended until 30 July 2021.

Even now, there are restrictive measures inside the Italian territory, articulated by risk ranges differentiated by color. 
Any updates on the situation for each region and independent province, is available on the website of the Ministry of Health.
There may be more limitations for specific areas in Italy or specific limitations in relation to the origin from specific foreign states and territories. Single regions can impose specific additional obligation to who is from specific foreign stats or territories. Before your departure for Italy, we advise you to check the possible additional obligation from the regions you want to stay, by contacting them or checking their website.
In case of journeys or movements in Italy or abroad, we recommend to download the app “IMMUNI”.

You can find online the Italian Government platform to obtain your green pass on www.dgc.gov.it/web/.
This will certify the vaccination\recovery\negative test result. It will be available in digital and printable format, and issued by the national platform of the Ministry of Health; it will contain a QR code to verify it’s authenticity and validity.
From July 1st will be possible to travel across the EU without the need for a quarantine period.
The operation of the decree is regulated by the President of the Council of Ministers, N. 143 of June 17, 2021.


The safety regulations regarding Covid-19 are constantly evolving, therefore different regulations may come into force than those shown on this page. For updated info visit the official website of the Municipality of Cesenatico.
Updated: [April 26th 2021]

Good travel practices

The Tourist Information Office, the Tour Operators, the hoteliers, the managers of local attractions and activities and the citizens of Cesenatico do their best every day to enable you to have a safe holiday.

To do this, we also need your help: on holiday, follow these few simple tips.


Wash your hands regularly and use sanitizing gels


Always wear a mask in public places, even outdoors


Respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 metre

  • If you have flu symptoms do not go to the Emergency Department but contact your primary care physician
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands
  • Be aware of the most vulnerable people
  • Do not share bottles, glasses or cutlery
  • Cover your nose and mouth or use the crook of your elbow when sneezing or coughing
  • If a place seems too crowded, come back at another time
  • Download and use the Immuni app while on holiday
  • Use contactless payments if possible

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