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You have 48 hours in Cesenatico, but what can you do? If you want to do more then sleep and sunbathing, here are many options to choose from, to have fun from the early morning until late night!

Well then! Let’s jump on a bike and let the fragrances and sights guide you around this incredible city!

Let’s start at the crack of dawn with our “Concerti all’alba” (concerts at dawn), that offer live music directly on the beach, with the calm sea guiding the rhythm, while people collect “poverazze” (a type of clam). After the show, you can get a nice breakfast with a fresh bombolone (a doughnut like dessert filled with cream, chocolate or jams) from one of the many cafe near the sea-shore.

From the early morning, Cesenatico has a lot to offer: besides the beach, there are many markets, the ferries-wheel in Piazza A. Costa, a scroll at the ancient canal harbor designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, full of fishing boats, that every evening come back from the sea, preceded by the seagulls. And, if you are lucky, you may also assist at the fish auction at the old fish market.

If you love the arts, you must pay a visit at the museum-house of the poet Marino Moretti. Or a guided tour at the maritime museum, where the history of our boats is preserved. Or maybe just look around Piazza delle Conserve where, other than the fruits and vegetables market, the old icehouse is still standing. And for the ones that really love the sea, you will enjoy one of the mini-cruse we offer, where you can eat fried fish and drink the local Sangiovese wine with a beautiful view of the coast.

If you don’t have an itinerary, we recommend a ride around the city in tandem, a vehicle with zero emission that allows you to admire many views of the city at your own pace. Between a ride here and a visit there, it will be lunch time, and here the choice is really up to you. From the traditional sea-food taverns to the elegant and renowned restaurants, not to mention that all bathing establishments on the sea-shore have very popular restaurants. But if you want something really traditional you cant go wrong with a piadina (a flat brad typical of this area) filled with squaquerone (a kind of cheese) and arugula or one with Adriatic’s sardines.

If you like water-parks, we recommend an afternoon in Atlantica (a must is a to kiss inside the whale’s belly). And if you are a cyclist lover, you can always leave a flower at the tombstone of Marco Pantani, the best known athlete of this area.

Then in the evening, other then the many night markets, Cesenatico’s offers many cultural and musical events that turn this seaside city into a small Notre Dame. Live music, lyrical operas and theatrical shows, you always have something to do if you want to spend the evening in Cesenatico.

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