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The holiday camp is open, but  accessible in its inside only  on the occasion of particular events. The home can be reached by car or public means of transport.

The holiday camp AGIP is situated on an area between the main road, viale Carducci, and the beach. The building was begun in November 1937, according to a plan by the Architect GIUSEPPE VACCARO, and completed in July 1938.
The horizontal building has been successfully raised up through the use of 'pilotis' and the liberation of the hidden spaces: the wide arcades below the central body let in this way the sun and the air dominate uncontested.
This horizontal development of the home would be lost, anyway, if it were not contained by the side bodies, which assume, in this way, an unreplaceable function.
The building is lacking in decorations and this gives to the whole structure a character of lightness, exalted also by the continuous glasses.
For its architecture the work belongs to the Italian rational movement and like all the works by Vaccaro is inspired by a basic functionalism.

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Phone number: 0547 82600